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Many people face tattoo regret and search for tattoo removal creams and treatments to help get rid of their unwanted tattoos. You no longer have to risk your health for painful and expensive tattoo removal treatments. Instead, TRUFade™ is a safe and effective tattoo fading gel that helps diminish the look of unwanted tattoos. By using TRUFade you no longer face tattoo regret and have to spend thousands of dollars on painful laser treatments or risky acid peels!

The TRUFade™ Formula Difference

TRUFade™ is an advanced formula that contains natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals that poses less risk or damage to your skin's health. TCA products can damage the skin if not applied properly, or your specific skin reacts to the ingredient which may lead to burning the skin or leaving a scar in place of the tattoo ink. The ingredient Hydroquinone has been banned from use in products in a few European Countries due to the health hazard the product may potentially cause.†

At TRUFade™, we offer our customers a natural formula with ingredients that are safe for application to the skin with less potential for causing unwanted side effects while providing the results you want to achieve! TRUFade™ contains both Chromabright™ and Gigawhite™ which are powerful ingredients that have been clinically studied, and shown to be safe for application to the skin while possessing exceptional skin whitening abilities. Research shows that Chromabright™ has exceeded the lightening capabilities compared to the ingredient Hydroquinone.

How does TRUFade work

“There are hundreds of ingredients we could have used. The hard part was choosing safe and effective ingredients to make a quality formula that was affordable.”
Trufade bottles

Using TRUFade™ to Visibly Erase your Tattoo

Application of TRUFade™ is simple, all that you will need is a type of exfoliating pad like a loofah. Simply clean the skin of the tattoo area with soap and water, gently exfoliate the area with the loofah or pad, dry the area, and massage TRUFade™ into the tattoo area. Application of TRUFade™ should be applied twice daily.

For optimal results, TRUFade™ should be applied for a minimum of 90 days to see the results you are able to obtain. Tattoos are meant to be permanent and unfortunately the tattoo inks are
deep within the layers of the dermis and it will take time to visibly
diminish the tattoo. TRUFade™ should be continuously applied
until you are happy with the results, or results are no longer visible.


  • “I have regretted my ankle tattoo ever since I got it. I was in college, drunk, and on spring break. While it seemed like a good idea at the time, it has caused me nothing but trouble at work. I have been using it for about six weeks, and I am very pleased. I hope in the next couple months it will be hardly noticeable at all. Thanks.”

    Michelle – Austin TX

  • “Coming from a dermatology & cosmetology practice, and having done laser tattoo removal before, I am aware of how costly the procedure is and the side effects. I’ve been using this product for three weeks and already see the results. Thank you for an amazing product”


  • “I paid for one laser treatment session last year. It burned so bad, I promised I would never go back. I know it has taken longer to erase my tattoo this way, but it has definitely been worth it. Great product.”

    Ricky – Boston MA

How TRUFade™ Was Founded

It all started when we heard about the troubles people were facing with their unwanted tattoos. We understand how frustrating tattoo regret can be! That is why we took the time to research and develop a product that would offer promising results. TRUFade™ is a revolutionary tattoo fading gel that helps reduce the appearance of unwanted tattoos.

Our goal was to create a more affordable approach that was less invasive compared to tattoo removal procedures like laser treatments. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on laser tattoo removal treatments! That is why our formula is so cost-effective!

TRUFade™ vs. Other Options

TRUFade™ vs. Other Options Many people are faced with tattoo regret or their tattoo inks may have faded and no longer appeal to their liking. The TRUFade™ formula is a safer, less expensive option compared to other alternative options. TRUFade™ contains powerful ingredients that can help fade the look of that unwanted tattoo while using natural non-harmful ingredients that limit the possibility of damaging or scarring the skin.

Both TCA products and laser treatments pose a very high risk of scarring the skin if not applied properly, or the skin is burned during application of the product or procedure. Tattoo laser treatments can also be very costly for the total removal process depending on the size and number of treatments needed to completely remove the tattoo. Many products on the market contain the ingredient Hydroquinone. This ingredient has been banned in European Countries and has been linked to cancer.†

Don't put your skin at risk, order TRUFade™ today and start seeing a difference in the look of that unwanted tattoo!

Cost-Effective Tattoo Fading

Many tattoo fading products are offered at a retail cost of up to $150.00 or more, and laser treatments can cost in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. Some products and treatments may even cause irritation, burning, scarring, or harmful side effects.

Don't overpay for a product or possibly risk the beauty of your skin. TRUFade™ is offered at an affordable price of $49.95 per bottle, and you may also take advantage of our special of Buy 2 bottles, get 1 Free offer! If you are looking for a cost-effective product to provide positive results in visibly diminishing that unwanted tattoo, order TRUFade™ today!

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